Hospice Care

What is hospice care?

Hospice is care that focuses on comfort and quality of life. Hospice of Santa Cruz County professionals work as a team to support you. Your Hospice team may include a nurse, social worker, Hospice aide, chaplain, Hospice doctor, and volunteer. You and your loved ones are at the center of this team. Our goal is to provide expert care and support to address your medical, emotional, and spiritual needs at this important time. Your needs and preferences will determine which team members play a role in your care, although a nurse and social worker see everyone on Hospice care. Your Hospice team members will make periodic visits. They will schedule their visits ahead of time with you or your support person. Your regular doctor is still involved in your care and will guide us in decisions about your medications and treatments.


Why hospice care?

Hospice helps those in their last months of life to live as fully and comfortably as possible by offering:

  • The ability to stay at home or in a nursing home, surrounded by the people and things you love most
  • Pain and other symptom management so that each day can be spent in comfort with quality time with friends and loved ones
  • Spiritual and emotional support to help address the feelings, fears and questions that may arise at the end of life
  • Support for loved ones through their grief and loss

Who can be helped by hospice?

Hospice care is available to anyone of any age, with any life-limiting condition and can provide great comfort and support for people with all types of illness. Hospice care can be provided when the doctor states that his or her patient has six months or less to live. If needed, Hospice care can continue for more than six months with the doctor’s approval.