Honor your loved ones

Why a Memorial Garden?

We have created a commemorative wall in the lovely redwood grove garden at our headquarters to provide a means for family and friends to visibly honor their loved ones. Opportunities to participate include honoring the memory of a loved one or maybe to commemorate a birthday, say “thank you,” or otherwise acknowledge a special person with an inscribed tile. Your gift is acknowledged with a letter, sent to whomever you would like.

A Living Tree Memorial

Twelve natural redwoods are part of the Hospice Memorial Garden.  Redwood trees can be a powerful symbol of the eternal life and a redwood grove can symbolize a natural place of prayer and contemplation.  Hospice of Santa Cruz County is pleased to offer an opportunity for you to reserve a memorial redwood tree in honor of your loved one that has passed. To select a memorial Redwood Tree for your loved one contact Adrienne Meier at Hospice of Santa Cruz County at 831 430-3086. 



Purchase a Tile on the Redwood Garden Memorial Wall

How Can I Order a Commemorative Tile?

You may download the form, fill it out and then mail it to us with your check or charge card information.

What is this Memorial?

The tiles are available to anyone who wishes to memorialize a friend or loved one. These permanent, engraved tiles celebrate extraordinary relationships. The laser engraving transforms the inscription on the tile into hardened glass.

Where will it be located?

The beautiful commemorative garden is a sanctuary just outside our office where we gather in celebration, or just to take a moment in quiet reflection. Benches under a redwood canopy provide a peaceful resting spot to honor the precious memories of those who have brought great joy and meaning into our lives. The engraved tiles are a way to remember our loved ones and create a comforting and healing presence for all who visit.

When will the tiles be placed on the wall?

Tiles may be purchased at any time throughout the year, but are installed just once each summer. The deadline to purchase tiles for installation each year is June 30. In September each year, we will host an open house and invite you to view the specially engraved tiles given in honor or memory of your loved ones.

How much will it cost to place a commemorative tile on the wall?

There are three different size tiles available, varying in price from $150 to $500. Download the form which describes the sizes and how much text can fit on each tile.

Would you provide some examples of wording on different size tiles?

Your tile inscription and be as personal and unique as you choose. Some sample wording and examples follow. Please remember that the spacing between words and punctuation count as a character space.

Sample wording

In loving memory of Jane Smith
In honor of Jane Smith
God bless you John Smith
You are always in our hearts, dear Mother
Forever we miss you Jane Smith
Rest in peace dear Jane
Our loving angel, sweet Jane Smith
Never forgotten John Smith
Love and prayers for Jane Smith
Happy Birthday, Mom
Hear our prayers, watch over Jane Smith


What if mistakes occur?

We are keenly aware of the importance of placing the correct information. You will receive a letter confirming the inscription before the order to engrave is placed.

Is the donation for the inscription tax deductible?

Yes, this donation is 100% tax-deductible.

Send Requests for Memorial Tiles to:
Hospice of Santa Cruz County
940 Disc Drive
Scotts Valley, CA 95066