Who is Eligible for Transitional Care

Patients who have been diagnosed with a progressive illness or end stage disease but are not yet ready for hospice care may benefit from Transitional Care Services.

A free consultation with our Transitional Care Liaisons (MSWs) may help your patient and their family to better understand their illness, treatment options and next steps. Consultations are provided free of charge — call us at 831-430-3000 to schedule a consultation.


Here are some other ways we can help:

  • Assist patients and their families in completing or updating Advance Healthcare Directives
  • Discuss options for care and treatment
  • Assist in creating a plan for your patient’s physical care
  • Identify community resources that can help with practical support, financial concerns and emotional needs
  • Provide emotional support to your patient and those most involved with their care

Our Commitment

Our goal is to empower patients to make healthcare decisions that are right for them, recognizing that quality of life is most important. Our Transitional Care Liaison can help address the ongoing challenges and questions that your patients may face along the way.