From our Medical Directors

As physicians, we are dedicated to maintaining the health and vitality of our patients. Yet, when all medical options have been explored, continuing care must focus on optimizing the quality of life and minimizing a patient’s discomfort. That’s where hospice care comes in.

As Medical Directors of Hospice of Santa Cruz County, we have witnessed how Hospice’s team of professionals can act as an extension of your practice, working with you to provide comprehensive palliative care, as well as spiritual and emotional support for your patient and family members.

Ask yourself – would you be surprised if your patient were alive in six months? If the answer is yes, then your patient is eligible for hospice care.

Hospice care is provided in your patient’s home, a nursing home, or residential care facility. As attending physician, you are reimbursed for your services. And, because hospice is covered by Medicare and Medicaid and most private insurances, your patients do not pay any out-of-pocket fees for hospice care.

If you aren’t sure that your patient meets hospice criteria, we’d be happy to meet with you or join you in discussing hospice care with your patient. Unfortunately, many patients who can benefit from hospice are not referred early enough. The sooner a patient begins hospice care, the more positive an impact we can make on the quality of life for the entire family.


Charlea Massion, M.D.

Chief Medical Director