Legacy Donors


Bob Jackson

In 1993, Bob Jackson became a Volunteer Visitor and began working with Hospice team members to bring comfort and companionship to patients and their families.  A few years later, Bob experienced hospice service first-hand as he cared for his wife, Joey. “For a couple of months before my wife actually died, Hospice was there,” Bob shares.I was amazed what they do for the dying person and for the family.” Bob named Hospice of Santa Cruz County as a beneficiary of his IRA account.  “It feels very good to have the opportunity to do something for an organization that does such great work.”


Michael and Toby Alexander

Michael and Toby Alexander are committed to giving back to the community they have been a part of for over 33 years. “Hospice is an important resource to our community and to me personally, as an oncologist,” said Michael. They chose to start a Charitable Gift Annuity which pays them an annual income through the Community Foundation of Santa Cruz.

Ultimately, their gift will be added to the Richard M. Shapiro Legacy Fund, an endowed fund at Hospice named in memory of their dear friend. “Our gift recognizes Hospice’s amazing work, as well the enormous contribution that Rich made to the organization.”


Sharon Dirnberger

When Sharon’s father died, she found that members of her Hospice of Santa Cruz County grief group really understood the enormity of her loss. It wasn’t long before her mother was ready for Hospice care. “The level of care and support that the Hospice team was able to provide to Mom and to me was amazing. There was genuine caring, for both the dying and the living,” says Sharon.

Wanting to ensure that these services would be available to individuals and families in our community in the future, Sharon created an estate plan which includes HSCC as a beneficiary. “I designated organizations and causes that are important to me. Hospice was at the top of the list.”


Cindy Margolin

“I call this picture “Life Cycles,” said Cindy Margolin as she shared the photo of her parents, children and newest grandchild, Leila. “All four generations of my family are represented.”

Cindy’s work as a developmental psychologist has given her a broad view of life. She recognizes that within her own community, she has the ability to make a significant difference. As Cindy created her estate plan, she wanted to make sure her family and her community were well cared for. “So I chose organizations that literally support individuals and families from birth to death – Planned Parenthood, CASA and Hospice of Santa Cruz County. For me, it was a strong philosophical decision to provide for organizations that support our whole life span,” she said.

Cindy named the organizations as beneficiaries of her retirement account. Adding the beneficiaries was easy to do and the gifts are completely exempt from inheritance tax, income tax and probate.