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The Recipes of Life – A Volunteer’s Journey

Volunteer Visitor Denine Jones Sometimes an experience in life inspires us to change directions.  Denine Jones had one of those experiences toward the end of her father-in-law’s life. While spending time with him in the hospital, she realized her calling – to become a nurse. As she was helping to honor her father-in-law’s end-of-life wishes, it became clearer that her interest was in hospice care. “I just want to support and empower people who are dying and do what I can to improve their quality of life,” explains Denine. And that’s exactly what Denine is doing. She has been a Volunteer Visitor for three years, in addition to being a nursing student at San Jose State. “It feels good. It feels like I’m doing exactly what I want to do – empowering people to be autonomous and do the things that are important to them.” Every Saturday Denine spends four

A Glimpse into the Work of a Hospice Volunteer

Peg Gallagher, Volunteer Visitor and Radha Mallery, Director of Volunteer Services at Hospice of Santa Cruz County share their experiences of comforting those facing the end of life. Each fall and spring, Hospice of Santa Cruz County invites our community members to become Volunteer Visitors.  These special volunteers participate in a training program that prepares them to take care of practical tasks or simply extend a hand to hold to hospice patients and their families.  Volunteers may run errands, help prepare a meal, read to a patient, or just share some quiet time. Their presence can make it possible for a caregiver to take a needed break for a few hours. Recently, director of volunteer services, Radha Mallery, sat down with volunteer visitor, Peg Gallagher to talk about volunteering for Hospice of Santa Cruz County. Peg Gallagher became a volunteer visitor in 2011 and has supported patients in their homes