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Top Five Things to Know Before You Write a Sympathy Card By Linda Donovan, Grief Support Volunteer, Hospice of Santa Cruz County When someone you know dies, you may wonder about how to best express your feelings to the family. Sometimes it can be challenging trying to convey your concern at such a difficult time for the family. Here are some guidelines to help you write in a way that will make a difference. 1. Share something special about the person that died. For example, if the person was your school teacher, recall a memorable classroom experience and tell why that person had such an impact on you. People are often comforted by kind words about their loved ones. 2. Don’t make statements that the person is better off now because he or she is no longer suffering. Avoid clichés like “he’s gone to a much better place,” “it’s good

Dear Friends, On behalf of the staff and volunteers of Hospice of Santa Cruz County, welcome to our blog, “Compassionate Connections.” Our intention behind this blog is to share stories and articles relating to hospice and palliative care, end-of-life experiences, caregiving, and the grief journey. You will find articles developed by Hospice of Santa Cruz County staff and trained volunteers as well as updates on general media coverage regarding end-of-life topics. Each day, we provide professional medical care to the seriously ill, frail, and elderly, and extend expert care and compassion at the bedside. We honor the preciousness of life by helping individuals and their families better prepare for their last months and days. And by being accountable in the way we provide end-of-life care, we respond when you – the members of our community – need support. We share this blog and information with our community as part of