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Caroline Chambers, Clinical Practice Education Coordinator – 7 Year Anniversary

By Joanne GuzmanOnline Marketing Specialist As we celebrate Caroline’s 7 years with Hospice of Santa Cruz County, I sat down with her to ask a few questions about her experience with hospice care and nursing. What brought you into nursing? I was studying studio art and ended up in the hospital. Like many people, I received a range of quality of care.  It made such a difference when I received good care- it helped me to heal faster!  I remember one night when a nurse came in to take my vital signs.  The room was dark and quiet.  I can still remember what her hands looked like and how she cared for me.  I had a realization that I wanted to be her! How did you land at HSCC?There are many challenges in healthcare related to the patient experience.  I wanted to find a nursing job that felt like right