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Reflections on Oktoberfest 2013

By: Adrienne Meier – Assistant Director of DevelopmentHospice of Santa Cruz County It’s a few days after Hospice of Santa Cruz County’s largest  fundraiser of the year, Oktoberfest, and our 30 year strong Friends of Hospice, are still working around the clock making sure that all auction items get to their new owners! The Friends of Hospice are a group of selfless women who volunteer and donate hours upon hours to raise necessary funds for Hospice of Santa Cruz County’s many community programs.  Their energy and dedication to fundraising events such as Oktoberfest is astoundingly profound and this year was no exception. Friends of Hospice working hard in the background for Oktoberfest Since I am a new employee of Hospice of Santa Cruz County, Oktoberfest 2013 was my first taste of this   well seasoned event! Great Oktoberfest food, drink and traditional live Oktoberfest music were just a small part