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Embracing National Hospice Month

This month, communities across the country are doing their part to spread the word that November is National Hospice and Palliative Care Month, and Hospice of Santa Cruz County (HSCC) is emphasizing the importance of the care that hospice provides for all residents, regardless of age, location or diagnosis. Consistently more than 90 percent of people polled say they want to die at home surrounded by their loved ones, with their symptoms managed and their pain controlled.  However, more than 70 percent of us die in hospitals and other institutions. Though the use of hospice has increased, only 41.9 percent of patients nationally receive hospice care and often not until the last week of life, too late to attend to all the needs of the dying. HSCC strives to reach all appropriate patients and families so that support can be provided for many months ar the end-of-life. During this last