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Supporting Children When Someone They Love Has a Serious Illness Part 4 – Guidelines for Children 9-11 Years Old

Part 4 of our 6 part blog series sharing coping tips to help support children when someone they love has a serious illness. Guidelines for Children from 9 – 11 years old Children ages 9-11 are able to understand more about the illness than younger children and may ask about the details.  Their desire to know these details may make it seem like they don’t have a lot of feelings about what is happening.  Yet getting facts to help them understand what’s going on is one of the ways that they cope with scary and strong feelings. Children this age understand that death is final and can feel sad about a future loss.  They wonder how they will be impacted by illness and death and who will do the “daddy” or “grandma” things.  When one parent is terminally ill, the child often fears the death of the other parent and