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Hospice and Food?

Yes, despite what you may be thinking, they do go together in the most glorious way!  A table full of good friends enjoying dinner, celebrating her birthday and supporting Hospice all at once is how Susan Seaburg celebrated her birthday last January. Dining for Hospice of Santa Cruz County at Bittersweet Bistro fell right in the middle of Susan’s birthday week.  Often, she chooses to go out to eat for her birthday, so she decided to combine the two.  “I thought it would be fun to invite friends, celebrate my birthday and 1/3 of our proceeds went to Hospice.  I call it a 2 for 1!”When inviting her friends, Susan included in the information that Bittersweet was donating a portion of their dinner to benefit Hospice. “We had birthday balloons on my chair and there was another table with a bunch of balloons – a girl with a birthday crown