Hospice Angels

"The Hospice team really listened. They eased my husband’s pain and respectfully talked about the reality of our situation. When I was fatigued, they helped me to find the strength to go on. Given the opportunity to become a Hospice Angel, I immediately said 'Yes!' I want others who are struggling with end-of-life issues to experience such wonderful support." —Audrey Vizzard

Who are hospice angels?

Hospice Angels are those of us who share a common vision – that individuals and families deserve exceptional care so they may live as fully and comfortably as possible at the end of life. By pledging $1,000 or more for three consecutive years, Hospice Angels ensure that the quality, compassionate care provided by Hospice of Santa Cruz County reaches all who are in need of our support.

"Hospice made it possible for my husband to be comfortable in a familiar environment – home – at the end of his life. When I found out about the Angel giving program and I did the math, I realized that the $1,000 gift works out to $2.73 a day – less than my morning latte. That made it a pretty easy decision. I became a Hospice Angel so that others will have this kind of support when they need it most." —Linda Donovan

Why are hospice angels so important?

Although Medicare, Medical and private insurance cover most of the costs of hospice care, the following programs rely entirely on the generosity of our community:

Grief Support cares for grieving hospice families and anyone in our community coping with the loss of a loved one. The H.U.G. (Healthy Understanding of Grief) Program supports over 500 children each year, helping them to sort through their feelings of grief and loss in a healthy manner.

Charity Hospice Care for under-insured and uninsured patients has increased dramatically. Our commitment to providing expert medical care and support to all who are in need can only be reached with the help of our community.

The Transitions Program eases the burden of uncertainty for seriously ill individuals and families not yet ready for hospice care by establishing a network of support while offering assurance and education regarding end-of-life planning.

Education and Outreach programs empower members of our community about end-of-life care options, caring for a terminally ill loved one, or coping with loss. Our Latino outreach efforts provide culturally appropriate bilingual information about hospice and grief support services.

Benefits to hospice angels

Each year, Hospice Angels are recognized at a reception, honored for their contributions and informed of how their gifts make a difference. As a token of our appreciation, each Angel receives a Hospice Angel lapel pin. Angels are also recognized in Hospice’s annual report and Compassionate Connections newsletter. We respect the privacy of those Angels who choose to remain anonymous.

"Ed and I have both been involved with Hospice for many years. We know we are among many who want our local Hospice to continue in its purpose and provide the compassionate support that our neighbors, friends and family have depended upon for over 30 years." — Norma and Ed Sacks