Irma Nolasco

Making Every Moment Matter.

It can be frightening to care for someone you love during their finals months, weeks and days of life. Hospice of Santa Cruz County’s care teams are experts. They can help guide family members so they can feel more confident in caring for their loved ones at home. When faced with her mother’s illness, Irma Nolasco was unfamiliar with the options available to her family. She shares how Hospice care made a difference.

We didn’t know about this service, and my mother’s hospital nurse encouraged me to contact Hospice, saying ‘If you love your mother, the best gift you can give her is to take her home and take care of her there. Call Hospice so they can tell you how they can help you do that.’

At first, the thought of caring for my mother at home was scary. ‘But I don’t know how to take care of her! What do I do if she gets even sicker? What do I do if she dies?!’ I asked the nurse. She reassured me that Hospice could help.

During the last weeks and days of my mother’s life, I really tried to understand her, to learn what she needed, and to give her just that. Even though it was difficult for me, I put all my heart into it, and then I felt peace of mind. Something that really helped us very much was the attention that the Hospice staff gave us when they would come to visit. I liked the way they answered our questions regarding how to take care of my mother, how to give her a bath, how to give her the medicine.